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Programs for Kids

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It's never too early to start saving! Join Miles and Millie as they take kids through fun ways to learn about financial literacy.

Educating children at an early age to basic financial literacy concepts can help start them on a path towards greater financial management and responsibility in the future. SouthEast Bank is proud to offer a series of financial tools designed to foster wise money habits among our youngest customers! Our very own furry financially-minded friends, Miles and Millie, will be their guides through the journey.


Banker Jr. mobile App

Having your kids pay attention to money has never been more fun.

SouthEast Bank is excited to offer Banker Jr., a free financial education mobile application for children and the grown-ups in their lives. Banker Jr. is designed to make learning money skills fun as it teaches children ages 2-12 to set savings goals, keep track of their accounts, and learn other money concepts through interactive games.

Along with playful account tracking functions, Pig Charts give kids their own personal financial management (PFM) tool to track their money habits. Games for different ages challenge children to keep learning valuable money skills while they play. Banker Jr. 3.0 also includes a Chores section that gives families a quick way to assign and follow up on household tasks.

With Banker Jr. Account Sync, kids can go beyond the game to monitor their real-life savings and spending goals. Parents can link the Banker Jr. app to an actual bank account, such as the SouthEast Bank Milestones Savings account, and help their kids understand the connection between their financial habits to their financial goals. Don't worry, though - Account Sync offers read-only access to balance information, so your junior saver won't be able to move or spend actual money through the Banker Jr. app.




Download Banker Jr. to use on your iPhone and iPad, Android smartphone and tablet, or app-enabled Kindle devices with the children in your life today. It's our free gift to you as a valued SouthEast Bank client.



Milestone savings logo

SouthEast Bank's Milestone Savings account is a special savings account designed to give kids age 17 and under an introduction to banking. They can use our save, spend, and give program to set and achieve financial goals with birthday, holiday, and gift money.

  • Minimum opening balance - $5
  • No monthly service charge
  • Anytime access means that you can make withdrawals at any SouthEast Bank branch or transfer funds day or night with free online, mobile, or telephone banking
  • Earn interest based on your account balance
  • Includes six prearranged withdrawals per month at no charge; $2 each thereafter; unlimited withdrawals at the teller window

You can find complete details regarding the Milestone Savings Account on our Savings page.